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About tarpipe

tarpipe lets you get more value from your apps.

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Automate tasks
Create workflows between apps to automate low value tasks.

View activity streams
Generate activity streams from multiple apps in one place.

Sync data
Get data to flow from one app to another as a background task (pause it whenever you want).

Share content easily
Use our share form to easily publish content on several social media destinations, including Evernote, friendfeed, flickr and twitter. more info

Supported services

We're constantly adding services to our list of possible destinations. Here's an updated list.

The team

Bruno Pedro
An experienced Web developer and entrepreneur. Has extensive background in large scale projects and technical writing. more info
Vitor Rodrigues
A seasoned Web architect and developer, with a very strong background in video transformation and streaming. more info

Advisory board

André Ribeirinho
André Ribeirinho is the co-founder of, a Social Wine Discovery service that helps people to choose wine and wine producers to promote their brand. He's also a co-founder at Previously, André Ribeirinho has worked as Web developer, User Experience Lead and Usability specialist. more info

Chris Messina
Chris Messina is an open source advocate based in San Francisco, known for helping to advance such community efforts as Spread Firefox, BarCamp, and coworking and open web standards initiatives such as OpenID, OAuth and microformats. He currently works for Vidoop, LLC on the DiSo Project. more info

Tariq Krim
Tariq Krim is the founder and Strategic Advisor of Netvibes. He created one of the first online messaging systems in France while attending elementary school. Prior to Netvibes Tariq founded popular French blog GenerationMP3. He is recognized as one of the most influential people in the European web space. more info

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Company information

tarpipe, S.A.
Praça de Alvalade, 6, 10-D
1700 Lisboa