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We're still developing tarpipe but we'd like to share with you everything that's going on behind the scenes. That's why we decided to invite a number of developers to start experimenting early on, when there's still room for lots of changes. If you didn't receive an invitation, don't worry, just let us know that you're interested and we'll get back to you.

How to start


tarpipe is a platform that communicates with numerous services. Because of that, you'll need to give us your credentials on the services you're using. That can be done by opening the accounts tab.


You can create tarpipe worfklows that will be executed whenever you trigger a specific event, like a received email message or a call to our API. To do that, you open the workflows tab where you can create, edit and manipulate your workflows.


After everything is set up you can start using your own workflows. Because every action is logged on our system, you can see your latest activity by opening the activity tab. Activity is grouped by workflow so that you can know the context behind all triggered actions.

Quick how-to

If you're kind of lost be sure to read through this quick how-to written by Alexandre Loureiro Solleiro.

API documentation

To get you started with our API, we wrote a hands-on guide that will walk you through. Just grab your favorite programming language and start experimenting! Have fun!